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Welcome to Mrs. Forgêt’s  Home Page

I am very excited to be returning to the primary division after teaching in the junior division for the past few years. I have been teaching at Dunsford for 16 years, teaching a variety of grades.  I taugh Grade 2 and 3 for a number of years before I went to Grade 4, and I am very excited to return to these greades.  We are going to have a great deal of fun, and learn a great deal along the way.

There will be many things posted on this site throughout the year, so check back often. I will often post sites that you and your child could utilize at home, especially for additional activities to consolidate a skill we are working on in class.
Here is one such site that students can use to practise their typing skills. This is an enjoyable website for learning typing.
Literacy websites

KidsInfoBits.    This is a database of information and is password protected; ask your child for the password. Once an article is opened; click on the play (usually top left) and the article is read.


Many students struggle with this subject the most. Some simply need more practice to consolidate certain concepts. I have provided a list of some valuable websites to assist you at home. Please don't hesitate to let me know if your child needs more help.

Try these multiplication activities

This is an interactive site from Learn Alberta. Have fun! Be sure to try the patterning activities.

Please take every opportunity to have your child count bills /coins and make change.  This is a very important concept.

This website helps student s count money. Click on Canada (left side of website).

Canadian Money This website allows students to explore making change to $5.00. The next option is making change to 100.00.

Go to 3-5 Number Sense. Scroll down to place value and click. Your student can show you how to ha ve fun learning this way.  Manipulatives

        Telling Time

Dear Parents, If you are looking for additional practise for mathematical concepts, a great website for you to visit is

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