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Benefits of Learning a Second (Third, Fourth, Fifth...) Language

ïIncreases cognitive abilities, creating~a~more flexible thinker
ïImproves overall school performance~and develops superior problem-solving skills
ïIncreases listening skills, learning~skills and self-confidence
ïEnhances first language development
ïDevelops an appreciation of other cultures and a more inclusive open-minded person
ïGives access to a larger pool of information and greater educational and~career~opportunities
ïProvides a competitive advantage in the global market

A Good Language Learner...
ïis willing to communicate and practice
ïseeks out opportunities to use the language
ïuses an active approach to learning
ïhas a positive attitude toward target language and target language speaker
ïsees the language as a system
ïsearches for meaning
ïuses self-monitoring
ïprogressively thinks in the target language


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