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Please note that these changes to our practice are outlined in the Growing Success document:
"The emphasis on student self-assessment represents a fundamental shift in the teacher-student relationship, placing the primary responsibility for learning with the student. Once students, with the ongoing support of the teacher, have learned to recognize, describe, and apply success criteria related to particular learning goals, they can use this information to assess their own and others’ learning. Teachers help students develop their self-assessment skills by modelling the application of success criteria and the provision of descriptive feedback, by planning multiple opportunities for peer assessment and self-assessment, and by providing descriptive feedback to students about the quality of their feedback to peers.

Group work provides students with opportunities to develop and practise skills in peer and self-assessment and gives teachers opportunities to model and provide instruction related to applying success criteria, providing descriptive feedback, and developing collaborative learning skills. Teachers and students can use assessment information obtained in group situations to monitor progress towards learning goals and to adjust the focus of instruction and learning."

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