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For all curriculum information (expectations for each subject area), please visit:

Note: The Extended French tab includes French Immersion

Quick Overview of Junior Subjects:


*Focus on big ideas and Question Structure (new approach to problem-solving)

*Open-ended problems during lessons (different approaches possible, different levels of support)

*Homework to consolidate or reflect upon what is taught in class

*Assessment (Entrance cards, Exit cards, Math Journal, Tests and Observation during problem-solving)

Literacy (French Immersion and English)

*Big Ideas:  Teaching students to determine the important ideas of various forms of writing (explanations, narratives, reports, persuasive writing, etc.) and to give opinions about that writing with supporting evidence, teaching students to identify different points of view in a text (dominant and missing perspectives in various media and texts, writing from various points of view in creative writing), and teaching various forms of writing

*Gradual release of responsibility model~(Modeled-Shared-Guided-Independent)

*Assessments (Diagnostic, Formative, Summative)

*Focus on meaningful written feedback to improve reading/writing/oral communication


*Progress Report and P-T interviews:  November

*Student-Parent-Teacher interview (student-led–with focus on goal–setting to get to the next level)

*1st Full Report: February

*2nd Report: June

Other Housekeeping Items:

*Developing Work Habits:  use of class time, time management at home, use of planning tools like agenda, web site, math help web site.

*Set time aside for homework (40-50 min/night) to create a habit.

*Signing the agenda:  Please sign the agenda daily to engrain its importance for organization

*On-going assignments:  French reading daily; reading log, math questions (if your child finished at school, they should be able to share what types of problems they solved and discuss how they got their answers – the ability to explain their thinking is more powerful than having more questions to answer).

*Monthly newsletter to parents via email

*Materials needed for school--
  • French/English dictionary (if the student wants.  We will use most of the time)
  • One 1 ½ or 2 inch binder to keep all work in if you wish (Grid notebooks will be provided for math, and lined notebooks provided for journal work, duotangs provided)
  • Pencils (5), highlighters (2 colours), coloured pencils, pencil case, scissors, glue stick, ruler
  • Basic calculator
  • Thumb drive (external storage device) – 2 or 5 MB should be plenty
  • Indoor shoes and proper gym attire
  • Gym bag your child can keep at school
  • Reusable water bottle
  • If you wish to donate any supplies to the classroom—we can always use a box of tissues—it would be appreciated.
French Immersion Parent FAQ’s:

Is it cheating if my child uses Microsoft Word in French to write his/her assignments?

No.  Being shown where the spelling and grammar mistakes are, and having to choose the appropriate correction is an excellent learning tool.  That said, students will be expected to do ALMOST ALL assignments in class this year, so they must continue to handwrite many assignments to show their growth without the support of correction tools.  Hand-writing (especially cursive) is becoming a weakness for our students; I feel it is important to maintain a balance between handwritten and word-processed assignments.
Which online language programs are permitted for assignments?

The only online resource that is permitted by the French Department at BMLSS is Word Reference (  Bon Patron is another great program for grammar correction; however, it is not permitted at BMLSS, and therefore, it will be important for students to become comfortable and familiar with Word Reference.

How can I help with research assignments and reports when my child’s French level exceeds my own?

Help them with time management and maybe in getting materials required.  Otherwise, their projects need to be their work alone.

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