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Welcome to Grade 8         

Dear Parents and Students,

This site will be the best and most useful means of communication.  From time to time, I will provide information on what is happening in the class and around the school.

If there is a reason to contact me, please, by all means, call the school or send a note in with your child. As well, if I feel there is something you should know, I will contact you directly.

Kindest regards,

C. Dowell

September 9th:

The first week went very well.  Everyone is settling into their routines.  I was very proud of the class.  It was extremely hot and humid with temperatures reaching 30 degrees in class.

We did reading and writing activities to get a grasp of class and individual needs.  We focused on parts of a narrative (setting, characters, problems, climax and resolution).  As well, the students summarized a story.  Summaries are a useful way to see if the reader is grasping the content.

In math, we were looking at basic multiplication strategies by using factors.

Hopefully, I will see you next Thursday, September 15th from 5:30 to 7 at Mariposa E.S. for Meet the Staff Night.

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