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What's Going On In The Library?

The Nominees Are?????

The Forest Of Reading program has released the nominees for 2017.

Blue Spruce Nominees
The Night Gardner- Fan Brothers
If I Had A Gryphon- Vikki VanSickle
The Artist and Me- Shane Peacock
Sometimes I Feel Like A Fox- Danielle Daniel
Snap- Hazel Hutchins
Harry and Walter-Kathy Stinson
The Wolf-Birds- Willow Dawson
The Good Little Book-Kyo Maclear
InvisiBill-Maureen Fergus
Stanley At School-Linda Bailey

I wonder which book will be the winner this year?

Scholastic Bookfair

Our next bookfair is scheduled for May.  Keep watching for more information.

Battle of the Books

Battle of the Books is back and students are reading to get ready.  This year we have 4 teams competing to represent Parkview at the board competion in March.  Each team is required to read a total of ten books between the members.  There are 4 members on each team so each team member will read 2-3 books inorder to cover all 10 books.  

Book Titles
Because of Anya
Rain, Reign
Fourteenth Goldfish
City of Ember
Lost in the Backyard
Game of Silence
Hidden Talents
Mark of the Thief



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