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  • Hello Everyone,  I think it is time to abandoned this website and share everything on Google Classroom. Please ask your child to share their email and password. This will be a more effective vehicle for keeping track of current events assignments and homework. Your child uses Google docs and classroom quite freqently, so they will be able to check their homework as well when they open up their account. In addition, you will be able to see what your child is working on in Google Classroom.  Thanks for your understanding.

  • Me to We is collecting money for their campaign, WE ARE SILENT. Please consider a small donation to add to our classroom school house. The money will be forwarded to Free the Children who will send the money to our village in Ecuador to help reach the goal of a right to education.  Please join in silence on November 27 to support those who don't have a voice.Thank You!

Dear Family,

        Below is a list of items/resources I recommend your son/daughter has in order to assist with organization and academic success:

  • erasable pens
  • pencils (one received at the beginning of the year)
  • erasers (one received at the beginning of the year)
  • ruler
  • glue sticks
pencil crayons
  • black fine tip permanent marker for outlining
  • calculator (we have some in the class; however, they are not permitted to travel home)
1.5 inch math binder
  • 5 dividers for the five math strands
  • Memory Stick/key
  • Classroom website
  • Homework Club- mornings @ 8:30 am and second recess @ 1:35 pm
  • daily use agenda of
healthy breakfast, lunch, snacks
  • love and support
If there is anything that you are unable to acquire, please let me know so I can provide the item(s) for your child.


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