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Grade 7
Dunsford D.E.S.

Phys. Ed
We are currently beginning our Basketball unit. We will be focuseing on passind, dribbling and defense.

We have just begun to a new unit in math. Test from the last unit have be finished, marked and sent home to be signed by parents. Our new unit focuses on equivalent ratios, fractions and percent.

We are just finishing our Writer's workshop and the student will handing in thier 10 final copies of their writing pieces on Thursday, November 5.
We will continue to focus on writing with purpose and will focus next on grammar.


The pure substances and mixtures unit focuses on four big ideas:
Believe it or not, this dude is a solution.

Matter can be classified according to its physical characteristics.
The particle theory of matter helps to explain the physical characteristics of matter.
Pure substances and mixtures have an impact on society and the environment.
Understanding the characteristics of matter allows us to make informed choices about how we use it.

We will spend approximately eight weeks exploring these concepts. At the end of that time, you will have a test, and a challenge: to make a mixture and present it as a science fair.

Click the links below to find classroom powerpoint slides, assignments, labs and handouts for

Mechanical Mixtures and Solutions Handout.pdf (includes Juice Crystal Lab)

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