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January 2013
Welcome back! I hope everyone had a restful and fun-filled holiday!

Just a reminder that extra mitts and socks will come in very handy with the snow that has now arrived.

As well, if you have any water or juice lids (the round kind), I would gladly accept them! We have many uses for them in our classroom.

A big thank-you to all of your for your support with the Christmas concert-whether it be practising at home, bringing in goodies, or attending and applauding our Kinders for a job well done...it was a wonderful success, and the students did a fantastic job!

Although the snow has yet to arrive, we are experiencing wet weather. At this time of year, I am usually encouraging the students to continue to practise dressing themselves in their snowpants, but alas, those snowpants are not getting any business at all! However, with the rather wet weather, it may be helpful to pack an extra pair of socks in the bottom of your child's backpack.

May you all have a fun-filled, exciting and safe holiday season! I look forward to continuing our learning journey in 2013!

November 26,2012.
The Kindergarten Christmas Concert will be on Wednesday, Dec.12, from 12 until 1. It will involve singing, dancing, and a possible visit from a jolly guy dressed in red! We will also have drinks and treats afterwards-if possible, please send in a PEANUT-FREE snack to share (we will provide the drinks).

November 18, 2012.
The past few weeks have been a wonderful opportunity to meet with you as we talk about your child's progress. I look forward to meeting with those of you still schedualed. If you have not booked a time with me, please be sure to call-the kindergarten classroom visits take the place of the formal interviews, and give you a glimpse of your child's day.

We have started to practise for our Kindergarten Christmas concert. Dates and times to be announced shortly-stay tuned!

Oct.25, 2012.
Just a few notes:
Our class has decided to turn our dramatic play centre into a fire station. If you have anything at home that would help add to this centre (such as fire boots, firefighter jacket,etc.) it would be greatly appreciated! (and we promise to take good care of any contributions!).

As well, just a reminder that Tues.Oct.30th will be our Hallo'ween celebration. The parade will start shortly after 2pm (it may take us a few minutes to get everyone in costume-if you are available for the exciting costume-changing, please head down to room 8!). The parade goes through the upstairs and downstairs hall, through the office, library, and gym. Parents/guardians are welcome to come and watch the parade. Afterwards, we have a few games and snacks in the classroom. Please remember that if you are sending in snacks for the party, they MUST BE NUT-FREE.

October 2012
Welcome to October! Please see the attached October newsletter for news about 8A!

Hello there! Let me introduce myself-I am Toby, the official (stuffed) resident of Room 8. I love to watch all the growing and learning that is happening in Room 8 with all of these little people! It is amazing what can happen in one year!

This website will show the learning that is happening with these little people.  Mrs.Smyth tells me she plans to post pictures of what is happening, since it is hard to sometimes get into the classroom. Newsletters will also appear here, as well as any important reminders.

In the meantime, be sure to be check back regularly, and if you have any concerns or questions, don't hesitate to call/write/email Mrs. Smyth.

Back to my fly-pie!

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