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Do a Deer - Primary

DO RE MI - Sound of Music

Food Notes

Piano = soft

Piano and Forte



Body Percussions:

Biddy Bum

Boom Snap Clap

Musical Accompanyments for Poems

Black Socks

Duck at the Lemonade Stand 1

Duck 2

Duck 3

Songs with the Beats Changed:

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Row Row Row Your Boat

Wheels on the Bus


Do Re Mi


Quarter Note

Every Good Boy Does Fine

Ode to the Treble Clef

Presto Largo

Major Minor

I Bought Me a Cat

Ickle Me

The Missing Piece

The Lion Who Shot Back

Sarah Cynthia

Where the Sidewalk Ends

Songs to Compare with Venn
Angry and Dark

Soft and Calm River

Hard Thumping Music

Waltz Music

Polka Music


Cultural Music:

I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts

Bladen Races Geordie

Blackhills of Dakota

Cushy Butterfield

Hive Full of Honey Song

Black Socks

My Favourite things

First Nations Drumming

Metis Fiddle Music

African Drumming

Hoop Dance

Aboriginal Games

The Story of Fire

Ojibwa Story of Creation

How the Kangaroo Got his Pouch

Why Koala has a Stumpy Tail

How Tiger Got his Stripes

Neck Stretching

Why Crocodile has a Bumpy Back

What Does the Fox Say - Fox Speaking

Watch me Whip KIDS

Watch me Whip teens

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